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Mercedes WVO Conversion Kit

West Coast Single Tank Mercedes WVO Conversion Kit

West Coast Single Tank Mercedes WVO Conversion Kit

7.3 Powerstroke WVO Kit

New!  Build your own Ford 7.3 Conversion Kit with the help of WVO Designs.

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Raw Power - WVO Fuel Pump - 20 - 100psi
Complete Heated Filter Combo 200w
Raw Power 3 Port 2 Way Solenoid WVO Valve
SST Check Valve For '99-'02 Ford 7.3 PSD
Aluminum Hose Straight Swivel Fitting #6 JIC to 3/8 Hose Barb
Adpater - 1/2" NPT to #6 JIC - For Filter, FPHE and Hot Stick
#8 ORB to #6 JIC Fitting
Aluminum Hose Fitting #6 JIC T
#8 ORB Plug
1/2" NPT Coolant Barb 5/8" - Brass

Do you have some mechanical ability, or done a conversion before?   

Save money and get the best WVO parts with our 7.3 Powerstroke Conversion

We have an updated and complete parts list to convert this truck with the simple and safe way to convert.  Don't pay $4000+ for a "kit".  Use our components and parts list, and you can convert for less than $2k.

The Process is simple:

Step 1:  Download the parts list and plumbing diagram.    

Step 2:  Order the parts from various retailers

Step 3:  Install and start burning WVO


-Manual Switching

-Seperate fuel system for WVO

-5yr warranty on pump

-10 micron on-board filter

*1999-2002 Ford 7.3 Powerstroke

In 1999, an air to air intercooler was added. The intercooler cooled the charged air from the turbo making it denser. The cooler, denser air would increase the horsepower potential of the engine, while also reducing exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs). The turbine housing was changed to a .84 A/R housing and a wastegate was added. The "single shot" HEUI injectors were upgraded to "split shot" injectors. With larger injectors, the HPOP was advanced to 17º to increase fuel pressures. The 7.3L DI Power Stroke was in production up until 2003 when it was replaced by the 6.0L. In 2003 Ford Motor Company split the year, early 2003 the 7.3 DI was available, and the later part of the year got the new 6.0L. This is known to be the longest lasting and most reliable powerstroke engine.  Great for WVO!

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