JIC, ORB and Pushlock…A Fitting Solution

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Just when you though you knew what you were doing with hose fittings, we began upgrading our parts to push lock- JIC and ORB fittings.   The thing is, NPT  just doesn’t cut it for fuel systems.    Also, we grew tired of doing sideways-reverse-back-bends to reach in and tighten 10s of hose clamps on each fitting.  So we developed an answer.

All of our conversion parts, FPHEs, Pumps, Hot Sicks, etc. have female threads which need an adapter to plumb fuel hose.    Some of our parts are still require NPT, fittings, but rest assured, we will be changing them to ORB.


NPT(National Pipe Thread) fittings are commonly available in hardware stores.   They handle high pressure, but the threads require plumbers tape or pipe dope to make a tight seal and prevent liquid and air leaks.  NPT fittings are difficult to remove and service than other style fittings.   NPTF fittings, do not require sealant.

NPT Explained



ORB, or O-Ring Boss has an o-Ring seal on it to prevent leaks and make a tight connection.  They are the same as SAE, and are measured in #’s.

ORB Fitting Explained


ORB/JIC Numbering System

#1 = 1/16

#2 = 2/16 or 1/8

#3 = 3/16

#4 = 4/16 or 1/4

#5 = 5/16

#8 = 8/16 or 1/2



JIC, originally developed for the military,  is a flare fitting with a 37 degree angle seating surface.  These are commonly used in fuel system and high pressure applications.   They are similar to AN fittings.   JIC connections require no sealant or thread tape.  We like JIC Swive fittings as they are easy to apply and remove for service.  JIC follows the numbering system above.

JIC Male ExplainedJIC Male Explained NPTJIC Female Swivel explained



And finally, you will be happy our fuel hose and fittings are Push Lock, meaning you push the hose on and it locks in place, sealed for good.   No hose clamps required!!

pushlock explained 1no hose clamps required pushlock

Let us Review!

Fitting Demo Pump 1

fitting demo pump 2


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-Jason Jelonek


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