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Thread: Beckett type AF oil burner conversion

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    Beckett type AF oil burner conversion

    I am trying to convert a Beckett AF burner to 100% WVO or WMO. I have ordered and installed a nozell and nozell heater kit. Has any one got any sugestions for this project? I have found several people running this conversion but they are not clear about whether they are blending or running 100% waste oil. I would like to eventually run the system on the oil that is left over from decanting what I collect and filter from restraunts.The light oil that I decant is then Pre filtered and run through my RPC and droped into a 1 micron filter for use as a diesel fuel. I find that most collectors discard the heaver oil and I wish to use this to heat my home and shop, as well as possibly a aluminium sweat furnace. Just looking for comments and sugestions to see if others are intrested

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    Stew Corman

    Re:Beckett type AF oil burner conversion

    I am only using the centrifuge for 100% WVO furnace application.
    The best forum with detailed instructions/commentary is:

    I have done many experiments and the furnace is almost 100% functional.
    Bottom line is that you can use any junk oil that you can pump/gravity feed into CF,
    and since a siphon nozzle has a large aperture, no further filtering is necessary.
    If you CF it cold ie 60F, you can remove the precipitated fats,
    but basket will fill in less than 5 gal throughput.
    If you can warm to 80F works fine
    If the WVO has high solids content, you can fill the basket processing a 55gal drum.
    If the stuff is fairly clear will run for 250 gals.

    The best place to get a complete nozzle and preheater assembly for $150 is from Craig Kepner:

    Since very few on Leon's site are into furnace applications,
    I suggest you join above forum, do a lot of reading and then ask questions.
    Do a search on my name and you can see the threads I have posted there.

    Stew Corman from sunny Endicott

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    Re:Beckett type AF oil burner conversion

    Thanks Steve: I have been away from this site for a while. I have done most if not all of what you sugested and am now completing my boiler. I am concerned about ignition more than any thing else. I still have some work to do. I am curious as to whwer you are located. Larry Updike, Kenai Alaska

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