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Raw Power Hot Stick

FPHE - Flat Plate Heat Exchanger 30 Plate WVO SVO

FPHE - Flat Plate Heat Exchanger 30 Plate WVO SVO

FPHE - Flat Plate Heat Exchanger 20 Plate WVO SVO

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 Achieve proper Vegetable Oil temperatures with these super efficient heat exchangers

-2 Sizes:  30 Plate or 20 Plate

-Efficient: Excellent transfer of heat

-Industry standard

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Add a super-efficient heat exchanger for proper oil temp and faster switchovers.

Most auto coolant systems run at 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  Did you know that the optimal WVO temperature for proper combustion is 180 as well?  It makes sense to take advantage of the coolant heat to warm the vegetable oil for proper combustion temps.  The waste oil community has been doing this for over a decade.  In the search for ever more efficient and effective means of heating waste oil, folks tried out Flat Plate Heat Exchangers, which have traditionally been used for beer chilling, radiant floor heating, solar applications, etc.   These exchangers are really efficeint as they have a high surface are for heat exchange.  The results have been phenomenal in the regards to how efficiently these FPHE’s work, providing excellent transfer of heat while taking up little space.  They work so well that they have become an industry standard for WVO Conversions.  You will be hard-pressed to find a vehicle without one, as long as the owner is concerned about properly heating their oil. 

WVO Designs has brought you another solution for running on waste vegetable oil.  With these high quality, custom heat exchangers, you will optimize your oil temps at minimal costs. 


How it works:  Coolant and Oil are fed through multiple flat channels of stainless steel, providing a large surface area for heat exchange



*316 Stainless Steel

*Copper Brazed

*Coolant ports: 1/2"NPT Female

*Fuel Ports: 1/2"NPT Female

20 Plate  7.5" x 3" x 3"

30 Plate  7.5" x 3" x 4"

*Suitable for small or large engines – cars, trucks, buses, vans...

*Max Test Pressure 1.5 Mpa or 217 psi

*Max Flow:  3600 liters/hr

*Design temp -256F to 437F

Take advantage of this cost effective and efficient way of boosting your WVO temps!


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