25gpm Oil Transfer Pump

Industrial 25gpm Goldstream Oil Transfer Pump - Single Phase

60gpm oil transfer pump

Industrial 60gpm Goldstream Oil Transfer Pump

Industrial 25gpm Goldstream Oil Transfer Pump - Three Phase

Stationary transfer pump for moving extra thick oil fast. Three Phase Motor

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Powerful Oil Transfer Pump

 Heavy Duty gear pump with a massive Baldor Motor.   

Stationary transfer pump for moving thick oil fast.  Pumps are Self Priming.   Pumps are horizontal rotary pumps.  It consists of pump body, baseplate, gear, bearing seat and safety valve , bearing, seal etc.  Body and bearing seat are made of cast iron. Gear is made of high grade carbon steel.  Viton Seals are standard.  Gear can be made of bronze or stainless material as special request.  Flexible coupling is connected with motor drive and pump shaft.


*Self Priming - Suction height of 15ft

*Pressure Relief

*Serviceable - viton seals included

*Solid Cast Iron Construction - Carbon Steel Gears 

*High Quality Motor

How they work

Twin rotary gears are set in the pump body.  One is active, the other is passive.   Active gear drives passive gear to rotate when pump works.  As gear teeth unite then sever, vacuum/suction is created in pre-chamber.  Liquid fills the gear cavities and is pushed at high pressure out from the chamber.

Safety Relief Valve

Safety valve is set from factory.    Safety valve is automatically opened when pump or output piping receive excess pressure.  Once valve opens, pressure and oil is routed back to the inlet chamber and re-circulated through the pumphead.   Valve is adjustable.  

Not for use with corrosive liquids.  Oil Only!

Additional Specs:


Flow:  25gpm @ 1800rpm

Pressure relief: .33Mpa

Shaft: 20mm

Ports: 1.5"

*Includes Base and Coupling


Baldor Premium Efficient or Explosion Proof

Frame: IEC 100

Single Phase Motor Specs

Three Phase Motor Specs

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