20GPM Portable Pump Motor - 2850RPM 50hz

20GPM Portable Pump Motor - 2850RPM 50hz

GS60 - 7.5KW Motor - EMM3714

GS60 - 7.5KW Motor - EMM3714

Portable Oil Transfer Gear Pump 20gpm 50hz


The Raw Power® Monster Gear Pump is a self-priming portable close-coupled rotary gear pump designed to transfer Heavy Oils Fast!

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Move Motor Oil With Confidence

Tired of whimpy oil pumps? 

We've gone through 4 years of development on these pumps.  Upgrades have included a custom US Made Baldor motor, viton seals to the pumpheads, scrapping troublesome pressure regulators.   Additionally, our vegetable oil pumps were not reliable for pumping cold motor oil, so we engineered a new Heavy Duty Oil Pump.   Baldor custom made us a robust 2850RPM motor for moving motor oil, gear oil etc.   Voila, a portable and fast gear pump for high viscosity fluids.

Big Strong Motor + Gear Pump = The Pump for WMO

Heavy Duty Electric Motor

*Reliable - Made in the USA, thermal overload switch, 20yr Lifespan
*Strong - 3/4HP and 
*Beefy - 25lbs

Rock Solid Pumphead

*Strong - Close-coupled Rotary Gears 
*Fast - 20 gallons per minute
*Beefy - 15 lbs Cast Iron

*These pumps fly off the shelf and while we work hard to keep them in stock, we do run out from time to time.  Buy now to ensure you have the best pump ready when you need it.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  Feel safe when you purchase.


Additional Specs:

*Dimensions:  17" long x 11" wide x 7" tall (43 cm x 28 cm x 18 cm)
*Weight:  45lbs
*Self Priming
*Suction Height: 15ft
*Push Lift Height: 90ft
*Reversible - Rewire or add a switch to allow dual directional flow!   
*Viton Seals
*B100 compatible
*Temperature Rating of 400*F
*Duty Cycle: Continuous
*Priming: Self priming
*20gpm(75 liters/min): 1" NPT threaded ports, 1.25" hose barbs
*Pump needs oil to lubricate the gears. Will not work with water.

Motor Specs

*Commercial Duty Power Switch With 2.5 Foot Power Cord
*Thermal Overload Protection
*Output: 3/4 HP
*Speed: 2850 RPM
*Volts: 220 
*Amps:  4.6 @ 220 volts
*Hertz: 50
*Shaft Size: 14 mm
*Shaft Woodruff Key: 5 mm width x 5 mm deep x 16 mm length
*Motor Base Mount: 4.5" Long x 6.56" Wide
 Pumphead Specs

*Bolt Pattern: 7 mm holes on a 85 mm circle
*Shaft Size: 14 mm keyed shaft
*Shaft Woodruff Key: 5 mm width x 5 mm deep x 12 mm length
*Viton Seals
*Self Priming
*Cast Iron
*1" NPT Ports 
*Stainless Steel 1.25" Hose Barbs Included (fits 1.25" hose kit)
*No Pressure Regulator

Coupling Specs

*Pump Coupling: 14 mm
*Motor Coupling: 14 mm
*Size: C
*Overall Length: 1 63/64"
*Hub Diameter: 1 23/64"
*Bore Depth: 1 3/4"
*Screw Size: 1/4"-20
*Spider Element: Buna-N 27/64"

You don't need to waste money on inferior pumps any more.    Buy the Portable Goldstream HD Oil Pump you'll get instant speed and reliability!  

More Information
Model GSM20
Brand Goldstream Pumps
Voltage 230V
Pressure Unregulated
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