Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuges are used to separate solids from liquids. Key benefits are continuous operation, high solid content removal (sludge) and they are extremely adjustable machines to meet various applications (ie feed rate and solid discharge rate).

Typical uses:

Sludge Dewatering: municipal sludge, paper mill sludge, starch sludge, steel mill sludge, printing and dyeing mill sludge, water works sludge, pharmaceutical sludge, PVC sludge, sewage sludge, grain silage, power plant ash sludge, dairy sludge, beer sludge, drilling mud, electroplating liquid, fermented liquid manure, oil refining sludge, soap sludge, leather sludge, and more.

Remove solid suspensionsbutane dicarboxylic acid, alum, aluminum hydroxide, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, anthracene, antibiotics, barium chloride, barium carbonate, barium sulphate, benzene, blood products, blue vitriol, borax, boric acid, calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium hydroxide, calcium nitrate, calcium oxalate, casein, cellulose, chrome yellow, clay, methyl cellulose, corundum, corn plum mule, cooking oil, processed fish, mirabilite, glutamate, hops, pesticide diatomaceous earth, herbicides, tartaric acid, sodium sulphate, sodium phosphate, sodium nitrate, carbon black and others materials.

Clerification of oils: mineral Oils, Waste Oil, bilge slidge and lubricating oils.

Recovering of fats, starch, or proteins: from animal and vegetable products.

Clerification of beverages: Beer, wine and fruit juices.  

Operation Principle:

As with all centrifuge, decanter centrifuges are based on gravitational separtation.  Dense particles fall to the bottom while lesser dense component will be suspended above.  The rotating drum of the decanter centrfige produces forces 3000x gravity and reduces settling time from hours to seconds.  The operation of the continously expells the deposited solids and clear liquid out of opposite ends of the unit.   

Technical Parameters of Decanter Centrifuge

ModelDiameter (mm)Speed (rpm)Length (mm)Length-to-diameter rateG-forceCapacity (m3/h)Max solid discharge (m3/h)Power (kw)Weight (kg)Dimension (L*W*H) (mm)
PDC-1540035001600427006-22 18.5~3021002800*1400*850
PDC-1742036001680430422~35 7.5~2222303331*1089*1066
PDC-2050032002000428605~45 11~5542134489*1240*1350
PNX-41435540008602.4231751-10 7.5~3720352765*741*1540
PNX-418355400014604.131753-10 7.5~2222223365*920*1060

Schematic Diagram

1. Screw device 
2. Drum drive 
3. Differential case 
4. Solid discharge exit 
5. Dry area 
6. Clarifying area 
7. Screw 
8. Drum 
9. Liquid discharge 
10. Overflow plate
11. Feeding
12. Centrifugal discharge

Control Panel


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