Mounting Bracket - Raw Power Fuel Pump

Mounting Bracket - Raw Power Fuel Pump

Vegistroke Replacement Pump - Raw Power

Vegistroke Replacement Pump - Raw Power

Raw Power - WVO Fuel Pump - 20 - 100psi

99% of 100

Finally, a dependable fuel pump designed specifically for vegetable oil fuel systems. Special design to handle high viscosity and heat -5 Year Warranty

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The Only fuel pump for WVO

              Mammoth motor, viton seals and fully serviceable             

Leon, along with many WVO Designs customers, were having big issues with Fass or Raptor pumps when running WVO.  Some pumps would last a year, while others would break after only a few weeks of use.   Worse yet, the companies would not warranty the failed pumps.   So, Leon took it upon himself to build a better pump, one made to handle the rigors of high temperature and high viscosity fluid.  The motor is oversized, rated to 30 Amps(but runs at 10).   Also, the pump motor is completely separate from the pump housing, with large drain slats to eliminate any possibility of motor contamination by oil.    Another feature that sets this pump apart is that it is fully serviceable; making it the only pump you need for the life of your vehicle.  Brushes, bearings and seals are all replaceable.  This electric fuel pump has been through 3+ years of development and testing on 100s of vehicles.  We now have a proven solution for anyone wanting a robust and reliable lift pump for WVO.   And we will warranty our pumps.   

-Designed specifically for Vegetable oil fuel systems

- Double Viton Seals to Protect Motor 

- Adjustable Pressure regulator - 20-100+ psi

-Viton Seals and Diaphragm

- Mount included

- Includes 0-100psi pressure gauge (1/8"npt port)

- Replaceable Brushes

- Replaceable Seals

- Biodiesel Compatible

- Greasable Shaft Seal for Extra Long Life

- No Wiring included, requires 30A Fuse

-5 Year Warranty


* We regularly run out of stock on these so if you want one buy one when they are in stock or be prepared to wait a few weeks.

*This is an optimal pump for Powerstrokes, Rams, Duramax and other high flow fuel systems.  

*Pump is best mounted before the primary filter for best flow and reduction of air in the system.

*A coarse pre-filter mounted before the pump will prevent contamination or  jamming the pump but is not nessasary with reasonably clean fuel.  

5 Year Online Warranty Registration

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