Extreme Raw Power Centrifuge - 6000 RPM 120/230V

Extreme Raw Power Centrifuge - 6000 RPM 120/230V

Perforated Basket Centrifuge 10KG

Perforated Basket Centrifuge 10KG

Raw Power Centrifuge - 3450/2850RPM 120/230V

95% of 100

Flow Rate: 5-25 gallons/hour(19-95 liters/hour) Overall Height: 18" Overal diameter: 18" Hose Fittings: 3/4" hose barb fittings included Rated for Continuous Use Handles a variety of fluids - Water, diesel, WVO, Motor Oil, Biodiesel, ATF, Gear Oil, etc. Rated up to 400*F

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Let the Machine do the Work

Get the tool to save you time, money and stress

The Raw Power Centrifuge was developed in 2008 to provide a simple and cost effective solution for people cleaning Waste Vegetable Oil to use in diesel vehicles. Today, with thousands of units in service the Raw Power Centrifuge continues to be the leading small centrifuge used to clean waste vegetable oil but also waste motor oil, cutting fluid and coolant and the exciting industry of algae harvesting. There is simply no match in quality, simplicity and versitility. Try one risk free with our 30day money back guarantee.

The Raw Power Centrifuge is an Oil Cleaning Machine

Engineered for Waste Oil  -  High Quality Aluminum Castings  -  Custom Baldor Motor    

Clean a Variety of Fluids - You'll gain the ability to produce fuel quality oil from a variety of waste oils including motor oil, vegetable oil, ATF and hydraulic oil

Extract Dirt and Water - Remove particles and unwanted fluids with this powerful and effective tool,  processing up to 25 gallons/hour!

Save Time - No filters to plug or high pressure hoses to blow appart.

Top Notch Service and Support - Gain access to remarkable customer support and an industry leading warranty

“I've been using this CF with the pre-heater for about 8 months at the time of this review. I've cleaned over 1000 gallons of oil during that time, much of it during the winter. The pre-heater makes the CF hassle-free and the fit and finish of the unit is top-notch. I haven't had a single problem and the company's after-sale support is excellent. I wish I had started off doing it this way and had never messed with bag filtering.”


More information on our Quality Components

Inflict 1200 g's upon Dirt and Water -  How it works: 

Forced Settling     -     Single Pass     -     Continuous Flow     -     Gravity Feed

An overview of the Raw Power Centrifuge process.

                                                      More Videos 

"Pure Awesomeness"

"This is definitely the best way to filter WVO, there is a lot less effort in the process and the oil comes out much cleaner than oil that has just been run through a normal filter. Customer service was also superb and after thousands of liters of oil and thousands of kilometers no WVO Designs product has ever let me down. Best company in the game for sure."


*Cleans better than Filters!  Checkout our Forum for Centrifuge Discussion.  Ask Questions!

The Raw Power Centrifuge is Simple to setup and use: 

Customer Setup Gallery

Gravity Fed - No Pressure, pumps and expensive fittings to buy

Single Pass - Designed so you only need to run the oil through once.

No Mess - No messy filters clean to buy, change and monitor

Quiet - Custom US Made Motor operates smooth and quiet (sounds like a large fan)

- Simply turn it on and let it run

"Everyone should have one!"

"I just love this product. I went from changing filters on my truck about every 5000 km to now I get a min of 30,000 km and have done over 40,000 km. Not only does it save me buying bag filters but also the pain of getting under the truck to change the truck filter. I was doing 2,000 km a week so every 2.5 weeks was a pain on the side of the road."<


What are you waiting for?   

We work diligently to maintain our inventory in order to supply our customers when they are ready.  We ship within 48 hours, so you’ll be up and running in no time. 

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“Anyone interested in a used Diesel Craft Centrifuge CHEAP. After getting "WVO Designs" unit its all I need. I sell oil and no one has ever complained about dirty oil. It's a simple operating flawless tool I couldn't live with-out. I think it's the best oil cleaning product on the market. Its worth twice as much as your asking price. Thank you and I'm looking forward to more "WVO Design" products. What’s next Leon?”

-The Green Guru

Stop wasting money on filters!  The Raw Power centrifuge not only saves you money, but saves you valuable time and energy.  The more streamlined your refining process is, the quicker you’ll be up and running on waste oil.  Additionally, the Raw Power Centrifuge is so reliable, fast and effective, you can build a community around it, offsetting the costs by sharing the setup with others, or even selling high quality oil. Take a giant step in securing your energy independence and order the well built, fast and effective waste oil processing machine today. 

The Raw Power Centrifuge will:

 -Powerfully clean a variety of oils, even the really nasty stuff

 -Facilitate your oil processing

 -Save you time and money

Nothing Cleans Better!


We're so confident the Raw Power Centrifuge is going to improve your life, we are willing to take the risk of this purchase for you.  Thus, we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  If it doesn’t blow you away and prove itself, we’ll take it back. 



P.S.  The Raw Power Centrifuge is being used everywhere.  Producing clean and quality oil is a crucial step in running on alternative fuels.  More and more people are seeing the benefit of having a powerful machine do the work in cleaning their waste oil.  We think you will too and we guarantee it.  We also stand behind our product with a responsive support team.

Here’s a map of our satisfied customers using the Raw Power Centrifuge:


Read what many of the satisfied customers have to say in our Review Section !


Additional Specs:

  • Flow Rate: 5-25 gallons/hour(19-95 liters/hour)
  • Overall Height: 18"
  • Overal diameter: 18"
  • Hose Fittings: 3/4" hose barb fittings included
  • Rated for Continuous Use
  • Handles a variety of fluids - Water, diesel, WVO, Motor Oil, Biodiesel, ATF, Gear Oil, etc.
  • Rated up to 400*F


Centrifuge Components - Get more detail on the Motors, Castings and other parts





   Centrifuge Videos  - Checkout some customer and reseller videos


  Customer Setup Gallery - Get a better idea of how to make your oil processing center


  Shipping Information - We ship anywere.  Centrifuges come in one big 50 lb box.   The box is 20x16x14 inches.    Additional boxes may be needed, depending on what's ordered.  *Orders ship UPS on Domestic shipments.   Fedex or UPS  is fast and secure for international shipments


  >> Assembly Instruction Download


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