Sealed Replacement Bearing

Sealed Replacement Bearing

Viton Radial Shaft Seal CRWA1 - V- 5/8in Shaft

Viton Radial Shaft Seal CRWA1 - V- 5/8in Shaft

Raw Power Hot Stick - 7"

WVO Designs Hot Stick

Installed in tanks to heat Vegetable Oil  


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Heat Your Tank Affordably

Another crucial WVO product from WVO Designs

Get heat at your tank with our custom designed and built hot stick.  Heat is needed throughout your fuel system, even back at the tank.  Heating the WVO at the tank reduces the oil’s viscosity allows for proper flow.   This product allows you to expand your tank options and save money by using this in-tank heater.   You don’t have to be limited in buying expensive “WVO tanks”.  We are a waste oil company, designing products specifically to assist with the use with waste oil.  We set out to design and build an affordable solution for providing heat to the oil in your WVO tank.  This style of tank heater warms a larger area of fuel, but really heats the fuel as it is being “picked-up” entering your fuel system from the tank.  The Hot Stick is designed to bolt right in an existing tank port(like a fuel sender) or drill a new hole and pop in the hot stick.  All mounting hardware is included. 


-All the ports you need – fuel out, coolant/out

-Durable, Stainless Steel –Overbuilt!(do not drop this your foot)

-Range of Sizes – 7, 9, 11, and 13 inches.  Includes a 3/8 threaded port for custom length extensions.

-Excellent Heat Transfer



*With the Hot Stick you can make use of any tank or vesicle that can handle 180 degree heat.  The most common tanks used for WVO are aluminum followed by stainless steel.  Heat is needed at fuel pickup in the tank for proper fuel flow.


Additional Specs:

-Hardware included: Nut plate, mounting screws, fuel adapter fitting, and gasket

-Material:  Stainless Steel

-Fuel Port -

       13": 1/2" NPT(NPT to JIC adapter included)

        7, 9, 11": #8 SAE/ORB(Adapter Included)

        *also includes hose barb fitting for fuel.  Please specifiy 3/8" or 5/16" hose barb.

-Coolant Ports -1/2" NPT

-Thread For Pipe Extension -3/8" NPT-Female

-Head height - 1 3/8”

-Head diameter - 2 3/4”

-Tube diameter - 38mm

*WVO Designs has been helping people achieve energy independence since 2007.  We work with customers to engineer products specifically for use with waste oils.  We are constantly developing tools to assist with collection, refining and vehicle conversion.   To date, our centrifuge is our prime accomplishment.  This year, we are working diligently to bring the community more quality conversion components, thus providing a custom and AFFORDABLE alternative to "kits".   Signup for our email list to get a free report on running vehicles on WVO along with access to our training database.

We ship anywhere on the planet!

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