Early Ford Conversion

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7.3 IDIYes, there were Fords diesels made before the Powerstroke 7.3.   They are the 6.9 and 7.3 IDI(indirect injection) engines.   The 6.9 was made from 1982-1988.   The first 7.3L was produced from 1988-1994. The original 7.3L diesel was a non-turbo charged indirect injection (IDI) engine, followed shortly after by a turbo charged version. It was very similar to the previous 6.9l IDI diesel engine, which was simply bored out for more torque. These trucks have  proven well running on WVO.   The weak link has been the lift pump,which regulates at 4-7psi.   These pumps are not robust enough to push hot, high viscosity vegetable oil so they must be upgraded.   The issue is that most robust pumps aren’t regulated down to the 7PSI that the IP requires.   The solution is adding an external regulator after the pump.  Customers have success with Aeromotive part#13301, made form SS, aluminum and viton.


Aeromotive Pressure Regulator Part#13301

Otherwise the 2 tank conversion on this truck is pretty basic.  Although you cannot use the stock tank selector vavle, you can use one of the dual tanks for WVO. Add a tank heater then route to a WVO fuel pump, valves, heated filter and FPHE.  You can find these WVO Conversion Parts here.


Here is a conversion diagram from a customer:

Hutchins 7.3 Diagram


Here’s sketch of a very similar style conversion:

93 Ford Schematic mechanical loop crop


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WVO Conversion Parts for the IDI Ford


by Jason Jelonek

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