Monster Pump Raffle – October 2013

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Goldstream 25gpm WVO PumpWVO Designs raffled off a 25gpm Monster Pump in October.

We tallied up the raffle “tickets” and used a random number generator to select the winner of our Monster Pump Raffle.   The winner is Daryl K, from Manitoba Canada!

Daryl is the proud owner of the biggest, baddest electric WVO pump around, the 25GPM Monster Pump.   Daryl submitted diagrams for a 12V cummins conversion and electrical WVO Switch wiring along with some other photos.

We had so many great entries including conversion diagrams, videos of entire WVO operations which you can peruse here.   We appreciate everyone’s work and are really impressed by many entries.  

Here some of the entries that stood out which we will send a bonus prize:

Most entries – Sonny R.,  TX – Sonny, a WVO Installer in Texas, shared his videos of various vehicle conversions(Jetta, 95 Dodge) along with some great photos

Best Engineering – James, O. Hawaii – James “HomeMizer” project uses a 12V cummins engine to burn WVO and provide 12 volt power to run his home.

Biggest Pile of Cubies – Kevin B., – My least favorite job is crushing the cubies, as I see Kevin is no fan either.   Kevin, an Oregon Installer, also submitted some awesome diagrams and videos.  He also grows and presses his own oil!

Quintessential Veggie Experience – Eli H., ME – Eli summed it up well when he talked about the constant tinkering with his truck replacing and upgrading WVO components….been there.  Also, who other than vegheads have their own “fuel shed”?

Cleanest Centrifuge Setup – Dave H., PA  – Dave really sets the bar with his high end centrifuge installation.

Going to Greatest Lengths –  Victor M., Somewhere between Alaska and Chile – Victor has a mobile centrifuge setup on his Powerstroke to clean his fuel on his travels through the hemisphere.

See these great entries and more here!

Some samples:


Bryant Diagram

203 Degrees thermostat Mod Dodge 12V


See all the entries here


by Jason Jelonek

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