US Navy running on Biofuels

Posted on 09/04/13 No Comments

Navy Biofuels – It’s estimated that it costs $400/gallon to deliver fuel on the battlefield.  Not only is the military prone to supply shortages from foreign production, it’s faced with extraordinary costs for a vital substance.  These facts should not only pull on strings of the Generals, but the government accountants as well. There’s few […]

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Soap from WVO

Posted on 09/03/13 1 Comment

              In case your entire family isn’t yet on board with your WVO endeavors, here is a way to incorporate the whole gang(and especially the neat-freaks) into the fold.   You can transform WVO into soap!  It’s a simple and sometimes profitable process being done in homes all across […]

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2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference

Posted on 08/26/13 3 Comments

WVO Design’s representatives Leon and Jason attended the 2013 Collective Biodiesel Conference in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado last weekend.  After a slight adjustment to the 9600ft elevation, we inhaled insights and knowledge from the other leaders in the alternative fuel community.   The conference was very well run and organized, thanks to Dara Lor and his staff. […]

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Alternative Fuel Pump, Fuel From Algae and Wastewater

Alternative Energy Growth/Jobs, Toilet to Tank, Gutter Oil In China

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The most recent EIA report indicates strong growth in the renewable energy sector.    This, coupled with the projected 56% increase in demand over the next 25 years, makes the energy sector a fertile industry to find employment. Non-hydropower renewables used for electricity and heat will grow by an average of 8.1% in 2013.  Power […]

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Alternative Fuel Update

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According to the EIA, energy demand  is projected to rise by 56% by 2040….making it a highly exciting and profitable sector to be involved in…hint hint.  What’s awesome is that you don’t need to be an oil baron to help fuel the planet’s energy needs.   All forms of energy will be increase in value […]

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Value Added WVO Collection

Posted on 07/26/13 2 Comments

As we’ve said before, gone are the days where you can just show up at a restaurant and expect them to give you their oil.  Many independent collectors have worked out a competitive advantage over the large renderers by offering value added services to their oil collection.   Personalized service, grease trap cleaning and now […]

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Finding and Filtering WVO on the Road

Posted on 07/19/13 4 Comments

So you’re taking a long road trip and want to buy as little diesel as possible.  Here’s some methods to fuel your entire trip on WVO. Take your oil with you: This generally works on shorter trips(loading up cubies in your trunk).  Folks with trucks often tow/haul barrels and even totes of clean oil to […]

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Centrifuge Operation and Maintenance

Posted on 07/05/13 4 Comments

Summer is here and many of us have ramped up fuel production with our centrifuges.  Here are a few pointers… Raw Power Centrifuge Operation and Maintenance Tips 1.       Settle the oil prior to centrifuging.  The centrifuge is meant to be a polisher to raise the waste oil to a fuel quality spec.  Settle most of the debris and garbage prior to centrifuging.  Let […]

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WMO – Waste Motor Oil, Black Diesel

Posted on 05/02/13 13 Comments

There has been more and more interest in using Waste Motor Oil as fuel.   Due to the increasing scarcity of Waste Vegetable Oil,  WMO is becoming a viable alternative fuel for folks with  diesel vehicles and waste oil burners.  Sources of WMO are: *Car repair shops *Auto Dealerships *Machinery shops *Trucking service company *Fleets […]

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Saving Money with Waste Oil

Posted on 04/25/13 2 Comments

Turning waste oil into fuel is feasible and will save money.   If you can secure a source of waste oil, you can sell it or burn it in place of buying fuel.   I had a oil pickup today and it cost me 30 bucks…which seemed like a lot for me to shell out […]

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