JIC, ORB and Pushlock…A Fitting Solution

Posted on 03/25/13 No Comments

Just when you though you knew what you were doing with hose fittings, we began upgrading our parts to push lock- JIC and ORB fittings.   The thing is, NPT  just doesn’t cut it for fuel systems.    Also, we grew tired of doing sideways-reverse-back-bends to reach in and tighten 10s of hose clamps on each […]

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How to Find WVO

Posted on 03/02/13 5 Comments

It’s been over a year since I posted something on WVO availability and collection, so let’s refresh and update. I’ve been running WVO for over 5 years now. No engine trouble and no difficulty finding WVO. One personal secret I must share is that, I did it backwards. Everyone says to find oil first, then convert your […]

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Oil – It’s not from Dinosaurs

Posted on 02/20/13 No Comments

Oil, or “black gold”,  is commonly believed to be from single-celled creatures called Diatoms, a type of photosynthetic algae.  Diatoms make up near 90% of living creatures in oceans, yet also live on land.  These pinhead size creatures are essential to life on our planet.   They convert sunlight directly into stored energy, or oil.  The […]

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The 7.3 Ford Powerstroke, “Made” for WVO.

Posted on 02/14/13 6 Comments

This 1994.5-2003.5 Ford Powerstroke Diesel is one of the easiest, reliable and popular vehicles to convert to WVO.   These trucks are workhorses and relatively inexpensive.    More importantly, they work great on with alternative fuels like WVO.  Customers often call in and profess over 100k veggie miles on their 7.3s. The best part of […]

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The quest for a good pump suction screen

Posted on 10/26/12 2 Comments

I’ve been looking for a quality suction screen for years.  I have tried a number of plastic and metal contraptions and haven’t been happy with anything.  This puppy had some nice specs, so I thought I’d give ‘er a try.  It is very stout, but unfortunately it won’t fit into a cubie as it’s 3″ […]

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“A” for Algae

Posted on 10/09/12 No Comments

                This red coating on my tank and fuel cap can only be one thing…Algae!  I’ve been running veg for 5 years and have never contracted an algae bloom in my fuel system before.  Damn.  I should have used protection.  I shouldn’t have been sharing nozzles with my […]

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2012 Collective Biofuels Conference

Posted on 08/21/12 1 Comment

  WVO Designs attended the 7th annual Collective Biofuels Conference this past weekend in beautiful Temecula, CA.   We thoroughly enjoyed meeting the attendees and learning from the inspiring presenters.    The conference was geared towards grease collection along with small-mid scale biodiesel production and distribution.  Although I only use SVO myself, I was able to glean […]

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Finding WVO on the Road

Posted on 08/10/12 2 Comments

It’s difficult to legally find quality WVO on the road.  Even if you do find a stash out at 12am behind Joe’s Grill, you will likely struggle pumping it though filters and be worried about what exactly you are putting in your vehicle.     I have a bunch of 5 gallon carboys I carry […]

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WVO Tanks

Posted on 07/26/12 5 Comments

Do I sell one of the kids and purchase an over the top, custom made aluminum tank with fuel sender, return line, baffles, slick fill tube, heated pickup and vent?   Or do I get an old plastic boat tank, retrofit it with a heater and possibly sender and rig up some kind of filler […]

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I love running on WVO

Posted on 07/20/12 1 Comment

  This is my veggie car, a 1987 Mercedes 300SDL.  It is a well built, solid  ride, with more legroom than the predecessor 300sd and a Straight 6 diesel engine.   I have a single tank “conversion”. My veggie mods are: 1.  FPHE 2.  Raw Power Fuel Pump 3.  Injection Line Heaters 4.  Monark Injector […]

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