Be careful who works on your vehicle…

Posted on 07/12/12 1 Comment

I took my car to Brakemasters in a pinch.  I needed new front pads and rotors and figured they could handle the job.    The installed the new rotors and pads OK, but they quickly warped as I was initially sold sub-par parts, especially for the heavy, 3800lb Mercedes 300sdl.   I was able to […]

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Fuel Price Down; Anyone still using Veggie?…..

Posted on 07/07/12 3 Comments

  Diesel is cheaper, Diesel is cheaper!  Well it is, however I’m not hearing this chanted in the streets. I get more of a sense that folks are just waiting for the price to go up again, rather than enjoying the recent relief in prices.   It’s like we are experiencing eye of a hurricane.   Drivers […]

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P for Polymerization

Posted on 06/29/12 2 Comments

                          This is not the Pit of Sarlacc(Jabba the Hut reference).  It’s a galvanized steel fitting that had veggie oil sitting in it for the last 6 months. If you run vegetable oil, you have seen polymerization of vegetable oil on your tools, […]

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Diesel Kleen

Posted on 06/26/12 4 Comments

Today, I was speaking to a customer who adds Diesel Kleen to his Veggie Oil and Diesel in his truck.  He swears by it and noticed less smoke and more power.  My mechanic also suggested to use it with WVO because of the anti-gelling properties. It is traditionally thought that WVO has less cetane value […]

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Oil Score!

Posted on 06/20/12 1 Comment

I often peruse Craigslist, looking for the occasional post for WVO.  The other day, I caught a post from a place nearby that had 14 cubies of non-hydrogenated oil needing pickup.    I called up right away and was excited that the oil was still available.  “Will it fit in your car?…I’ll make it fit!!” […]

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Mcmaster-Carr, the Parts Paradise

Posted on 06/19/12 No Comments

Mcmaster-Carr is the mechanical parts superstore.  The have an amazing catalog system and website and dazzling fulfillment.  We had an order delivered within Atlanta the same day it was ordered.   It boggles my mind how the can do that for a few small parts.   Also, I recently had a customer in Alaska state […]

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Father’s Day Filter Change

Posted on 06/18/12 No Comments

Nothing like having a small window of time to improve my WVO Mercedes performance.  Father’s day provided me that window.  I ran a Diesel Purge through the system.  Then, I changed both fuel filters along with the Air filter.   Each time I do this, I can’t help but thinking this is going to dramatically […]

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WVO – an Organic Weed Killer

Posted on 06/08/12 No Comments

By accident, I discovered that WVO is an excellent weed/grass killer.  I had a spill on my lawn one day, and a week later I noticed a bare spot where the ever-difficult-to-kill bermuda grass had fallen dead, roots and all.    So much for using this as a fertilizer, but it can be used as […]

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Customer Spotlight – iPup Gary

Posted on 06/08/12 No Comments

Gary has been experimenting with WVO on his Isuzu P’up(1982 Chevy Luv 2wd short bed diesel).  He’s used and documented testing with a number of WVO Design’s parts along with others.   His Forum is well populated with is photos, testing results and discussions.  He’s currently working on a project to swap a diesel engine […]

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Vegistroke Pump Replacement

Posted on 06/06/12 No Comments

You asked, so we designed and built a replacement for the faulty Fass and under-performing BFT Scorpion pumps. The latest results suggest we have worked out the kinks and successfully designed a way to integrate our superior WVO pump into a Vegistroke and Ramstroke system. Yes folks, we’ve had success on the Ramstroke as well. […]

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