Jason’s Mercedes – New Transmission

Posted on 06/02/12 No Comments

After an unsuccessful attempt with 3 used transmissions, I finally got a rebuilt one from Sun Valley Mercedes.   They happened to need a centrifuge to clean up their used tranny oil, so it all worked out.  I’m expecting the best from this rebuilt one.   My local German vintage mercedes mechanic, Garrett, is putting it […]

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Diesel Prices

Posted on 05/31/12 No Comments

  US Diesel prices have dipped recently.  Here are some historical graphs for your perusal. Also, the average price for Yellow Grease on the commodity market is $3.03 per gallon, down from $3.49 one year ago.  You can download the weekly report here.   The National Renderers Association has some interesting data on the WVO industry like the graph […]

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Affordable Gas Powered Veggie Pump is Now Possible!

Posted on 05/30/12 No Comments

That’s right, you can now use a gas motor to pump veggie oil with speed and ease using our industry leading Monster Pump Heads, a custom fabricated adapter plate and gas motor.    WVO Design’s Electric Motors work well, however some folks don’t have access to AC power at the collection site.    This has been on our […]

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Jason’s Mercedes – Veggie pump

Posted on 05/29/12 1 Comment

Here is my 1987 300SDL.   I have a bunch of fun working on this thing and converting it to WVO.  I’m going to start sharing my adventures on this blog.   We’ll start today with the Raw Power Fuel Pump I added to my fuel system.  I added a pressure gauge before my filter […]

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WVO Designs Distribution Center

Posted on 05/23/12 No Comments

I recently took a trip to Atlanta to our distribution center and thought it was time to provide our customers an insight into our operations and fulfillment system.  For the past couple years we have been using a professional fulfillment service to pick, pack and ship our orders as well as storing our inventory.  Using […]

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On the Road Episode #5 – Veggie Co-Op

Posted on 05/11/12 10 Comments

That’s a glimpse into my local veggie co-op.   To some, the term “co-op” inaccurately describes a group where one person does all the work.   Fortunately with our group,  the term co-op accurately describes how we function.  Not everyone does the exact same amount of work, but no one is working too hard and there has […]

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Sunsational Sunflower Oil, Video Blog

Posted on 12/09/11 1 Comment

Wade Mahoney from Sunsational Oils sent us some of his Sunflower Cooking oil as a thankyou for providing him with a Beast Centrifuge that he modified to be food grade. He grows, harvests and presses his sunflowers at his farm in Ohio. He then lets the oil settle for a few days before running it […]

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There’s Change in the Air – Lower Temps and Biofuel

Posted on 10/17/11 6 Comments

      The most widely discussed and important variable with running waste oil is temperature.    With the change in season comes some rather significant changes in temperature.  The significant change will happen when temperatures drop below the cloud point of the vegetable oil.  Cloud point is when dissolved or “melted” solids in the oil, such […]

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Where’s the Oil?

Posted on 09/28/11 2 Comments

While some might say we’ve seen “Peak Waste Vegetable Oil”, there is still plenty of oil out there to be had.  Sure, the days are gone where individuals randomly poach a restaurant’s waste oil by offering free collection, but when folks can offer 10 cents a gallon to secure a restaurant into a contract, then […]

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Summer 2011 Road Trips

Posted on 08/02/11 17 Comments

Ok, let’s hear your stories of 2011 road trips.   How many greasy miles did you go?  Did you bring your fuel with you or dumpster dive?  Any breakdowns or other fun tales? I’ll start it off.  Back in March, my fiance and I took a 500+ mile round trip to Burney falls to celebrate […]

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