Whats next?

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The response on the centrifuge has been great; I really feel that we hit the spot with the product and the price poit. Thanks to all that helped out. So, now that that is out of my hands into the manufacturing world; what else do you want? I have been thinking (my fiance says my […]

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Distracted But Not Unfocused

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OK, so I am mostly though the "Hard Part" of the centrifuge product launch. (Let me know ASAP if you want to part of my launch special). I admit it has had me prety focused on a lot of little details and concerned about the money involved. However, I have received a good response and […]

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Fresh Off The Design Table

Posted on 07/11/08 No Comments

I am off to spend the week in Nantucket with my fiancé and her family so I apologize in advance for not getting back to anyone. None the less, I thought that I would leave a little teaser of what I put together this week. I have taken the concept well developed by the Simple […]

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Public Speaking

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I was invited to speak at the alternate energy group in Charleston SC on June 18th. I was given only 15 minutes to speak on WVO and came prepared with all the technical papers and test data I could find. With such a short time frame, I took the “Shock and Awe”approach and broke out […]

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The Beginning:

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This project has come out of my experience down the WVO for fuel path. Lured into it by my west coast eco ideals and potentially free fuel. I charged down the path that many of you have gone before me and I am sure many will follow. It is for the latter and the general […]

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WVOdesigns.com is one month old!

Posted on 05/31/08 No Comments

Wow, already a month has passed since I put this site up. Big thank you to those of you that have contributed to the forum with your designs, I really believe that we are building a resource that is needed. Public response has been really great user registration and site traffic has grown steadily. We […]

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