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Value Added WVO Collection

Posted on 07/26/13 2 Comments

As we’ve said before, gone are the days where you can just show up at a restaurant and expect them to give you their oil.  Many independent collectors have worked out a competitive advantage over the large renderers by offering value added services to their oil collection.   Personalized service, grease trap cleaning and now […]

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On The Road Episode #6

Posted on 06/14/12 No Comments

Mike gives us a glimpse into his #6 crude oil cleaning operation.   He bought the centrifuge to remove asphaltenes and other gunk from the crude oil so that he can use it in his 83 and 85 300d Mercedes.  He mixes the crude oil with kerosene and then runs it through the Raw Power […]

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On the Road Episode #5 – Veggie Co-Op

Posted on 05/11/12 10 Comments

That’s a glimpse into my local veggie co-op.   To some, the term “co-op” inaccurately describes a group where one person does all the work.   Fortunately with our group,  the term co-op accurately describes how we function.  Not everyone does the exact same amount of work, but no one is working too hard and there has […]

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On The Road Episode #4

Posted on 07/11/11 1 Comment

We travel to visit Paul Totman in Colusa, California to visit a seed to biodiesel facility. They are running two 5 tonne seed presses feeding into a WVO designs Beast Centrifuge for de-gumming. Biodiesl processing, methanol and glycerin recovery with springboard equipment WVO Designs – On The Road Episode #4 from WVO Designs on Vimeo. […]

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On The Road Episode #3

Posted on 01/14/11 8 Comments

Ben, Chad and Derek with the Lost Bus Project come to visit WVO Designs at the beginning of their year journey to share their passion for the environment and outdoor activities. If you are having trouble viewing try on Vimeo or YouTube

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On The Road Episode #2

Posted on 11/21/10 14 Comments

WVO Designs visits Jeremy Nutma in Airdrie, Alberta. Jeremy shows us his WVO filling station, Centrifuge and collection equipment. If you are having trouble viewing try on Vimeo or YouTube We will only continue doing these if you want them: so leave a comment and tell us!

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On the Road Episode #1

Posted on 10/07/10 26 Comments

WVO Designs goes out to Roberts Creek, British Columbia to meet up with Ross Muirhead. Ross runs a small WVO co-op on the sunshine coast and gives us a tour of his collection and cleaning systems as well as a look under the hood of his Mercedes.

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